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Brenda Harris is a graphic designer, illustrator, and local art teacher. She is a second generation Latina heavily influenced by nature and story telling. Brenda grew up observing the world around her and drawing everything she saw. “I have always found so much joy in drawing ordinary things, the little details of our day, and I would notice the way light reflected off surfaces. How playing with light and contrast could tell a different story.”


Brenda went on to receive a BFA with a concentration in graphic design from

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO in 2005. She has been a graphic designer ever since. In the past 5 years she has transitioned into children’s book illustration. “I am fascinated with the idea that with the tip of my pencil, I can create a whole new world of unique characters.” Brenda’s illustrations tell playful and engaging stories. There is a dreamy storytelling that is grounded through her use of vibrant earth tones and bright cinematic atmosphere. Her goal is to create imagery that feels magical AND authentic.


Brenda has also grown very fond of sharing her love of art with others through teaching art locally and connecting with other artists around the world through hosting online communities like FridayDoodleClub. She truly values connecting with others and celebrating creative expression.


Brenda works both digitally and with traditional media. Her go-to tools are acrylic on canvas, colored pencils, ink pens, scanner, and her 12” iPad. Brenda’s artistic style includes both realistic representations of subject matter and looser, more expressive pieces. 


Brenda grew up in Colorado Springs, where she currently lives with her husband and two children. You can find her drinking coffee and making art at her kitchen table any day of the week.




Instagram: @creativebrenda

Supply List :

Materials can be purchased at Meininger, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Michaels, or Amazon. Check online for best prices and sales.


1. Paint Brush set, brown nylon paintbrushes, 12 piece set, or similar nylon paintbrush sets with various size paint brushes including round and flat paintbrushes. $12

2. Acrylic Paint set (Liquitex Basics acrylic paint set is a perfect beginner set) $22

3. US Artist Supply 8”x8” professional artist quality acid free canvas panel boards, 5 pack $8

4. Value pack canvases, two pack by Artist Loft (or similar brands), 16” x 20” $20

5. Plastic water cup (no glass so don’t have to worry about dropping)

6. Palette: plastic ones will work or sturdy white disposable plate $5

7. 1 Paper towel Roll



8. Palette knife: plastic ones will work. $3

9. Drying retarder: slows drying time acrylics (optional) $11

10. Pocket color wheel & mixing guide.


Total estimated cost $60 - $90


Please email the instructor with any questions regarding supplies.

In case you are unable to attend class, consider purchasing supplies that are returnable.

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