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Artist Biography

Cheryl Carlson

As an abstract expressionist, my work style blends active gestural painting and color field techniques generated from reflection and emotions. I primarily use acrylics and inks. By using the unconscious thought process, I create my works. Each layer is driven by an intuitive feeling in the moment of creation. Through technical methodology, layers are built up, but the choices of colors, mediums, and lines are spontaneous. 

Creating is, and has always been, a liberating part of my life. Before painting, I focused on sculpting, garment design and textile artistry. One textile piece was shown across the United States on three different occasions. Two of my gown designs won second place in national pageants. 

Transitions throughout my life have resulted in career changes allowing me the opportunity and courage to pursue painting and my passion for helping others express themselves through art. I love biology and find the ocean is my biggest muse for my paintings. Sometimes I share my meaning of a painting, but I thoroughly enjoy letting the viewer express what it evokes in themselves as art lives through experiences. 

Class materials for Abstract Expressionism

All that is required is a medium sized wrapped canvas (16" X 20" or smaller), an inexpensive variety pack of nylon artist's brushes, and a pair of scissors. The remaining necessary materials will be provided by the instructor. A $30 supplies fee, payable by check or cash to Cheryl Carlson, will be collected at the beginning of class. Only cash and checks made out to Cheryl Carlson will be accepted. 

Class materials for Painting Without Brushes

Students need to bring a medium (16" X 20" or smaller) wrapped canvas and roll of paper towels to class. All other supplies will be provided by the instructor for a $30 supplies fee payable at the start of class in form of check made out to Cheryl Carlson or cash. 

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