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Artist Biography

Bill Stone

Bill Stone is an experienced American painter with international exposure. He paints thick, vibrant oils on canvas that are influenced by the color, movement and texture found in the natural world around us. With big flowing designs and paint applied in layers, Stone's compositions have a hypnotic effect on the viewer, drawing them into his vibrant visual universe.


“Painting is a mental, physical, and spiritual experience that takes me away to another place and time. I get lost in a world filled with vibrant color, rich texture and swirling movement. When I come back, I bring a piece of that world back with me.”

Supply list


Canvas – 3, 1 for each day unless you prefer to stay with one or two.

Canvas size depends on whatever you are comfortable with. I like to paint the sides of my gallery-wrapped canvases ahead of time.

Palette knife(s) - I use a large trowel shaped one to paint and smaller ones to mix.

Oil paint - I use Winsor and Newton or Gamblin. Any brand will work. 2-3 colors of your choice per painting but bring extra white paint. We will be working tonally in layers from dark to light.

Oil painting medium - or whatever you use to thin oil paint. I use Winsor & Newton Liquin Mediums.

Palette - I use Blick disposable palette sheets and tape them to a piece of foam core or cardboard.

Paper towels or rags. Trash bag.

Easel – bring your own easel or use provided worktables

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