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The Happy Painter


"No matter what your age or your life path, whether making art is your career or your hobby or your dream, it is not too late or too egotistical or too selfish or too silly to work on your creativity."
(Julia Cameron-The Artist's Way)


I cannot remember a time when I didn’t paint or draw. In addition to studying fine art at the University of Tulsa, I have worked with a number of well-known national and international artists: Herman Raymond, Jerry Yarnell, Zoltan Szabo, Judi Wagner, Diane Maxey, Tom Owen, Alvaro Castegnet, Frank Francese, Frank Webb, Skip Lawrence, John Salminen, and Ron Ranson. I enjoy painting in watercolor, acrylic and oil, and I specialize in landscapes, street scenes, and interiors of places where I have lived and traveled, such as COLORADO, South America, Mexico, and Europe. I am a signature member of the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society and the Western Colorado Watercolor Society.  My work is exhibited all over the U.S. and abroad in shows, private collections and competitions.


Education and Advanced Art Instruction

  • Bachelor’s degree in literature

    • University of Tulsa

  • Master’s degree in literature

    • University of Central OK

  • PhD in literature

    • University of Denver, CO


Artist’s Philosophy

“Dreams come true: without that possibility nature would not incite us to have them.”  John Updike

I am so lucky to be living my dream, making art everyday and meeting wonderful people who share my passion for life, love, and nature.


Professional Organization Memberships

  • Pikes Peak Watercolor Society

    • Signature Member

  • Western Colorado Watercolor Society

    • Signature Member





  • plastic gloves, tissues, and/or paper towels or rags

  • YUPO painting surface AND/OR tiles, glass – surface for alcohol ink must be sealed, so you cannot use watercolor paper or traditional watercolor surfaces nor canvases

  • inexpensive plastic palettes or throw-away plastic things such as food often comes in, think: quiche bites, chocolates, ice trays, etc...need small wells, but the alcohol inks do not come CLEAN from plastic so these palettes should be disposable.  You can also use the “nut cups” from COS

  • ALCOHOL INKS:  At least 8 different colors:  “Jim Holtz” brand – have the best tiny tips; “Brea Reese” – value brand; Jacquard’s brand “Pinata” - widest variety of colors. You may find them in “scrapbooking” depts or fabric dye depts of Hobby Lobby & Michaels.

  • Inexpensive, throw away brushes in several sizes

  • Straws to blow the ink around (or if you are very sophisticated, canned air)

  • Pipettes, several, to use to transfer inks from bottles to wells in palettes

  • Small nozzle bottles & small spray bottle (to put alcohol in)

  • ISOPORYPL ALCOHOL 70-90% - 16 ounces.  You use it like water so you need a lot!

  • I also use calligraphy pens and Parker or Higgins black inks for finish work.

  • Fine-tipped black markers like “Pitt” pens are helpful

  • Reference photos, esp. flowers and simple landscapes, seascapes, figures

  • Rags, paper towels, tissues, Q Tips, or any other type of throw away applicator

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